What can we do about Montreal?

muralAre you outraged by Montreal’s breed ban? Any animal lover should be. The new legislation makes pet ownership very onerous for any citizen. While the City and the Montreal SPCA will be back in court November 25 to determine the outcome of the proposed legislation, we need your help in providing information and a voice for effective, breed-neutral legislation.

What can I do?
We believe strongly that the best way to help Montreal at this time is to donate towards the legal fees of the Montreal SPCA’s court challenge. This is the best way to reverse the legislation and set a precedent across Canada. They have a dedicated donation page set up here: https://goo.gl/q0YwPb.

We also urge you to sign and share the two major petitions circulating:

What about the dogs? We need to save the dogs!
The spotlight on Montreal’s breed ban has brought on a flood of interest in saving dogs at risk. The Montreal SPCA and their partner rescues will be looking out for these animals and will keep the public updated about any urgent need. In the meantime, if you have the ability to adopt or foster, please contact a local reputable bully rescue and help a dog in your community. You will be saving a life AND freeing up resources for that group if a Montreal dog needs help in the future.

Remember also that the entire province of Ontario has a similar breed ban (11 years and counting), and pit bull type dogs still come into their shelters on a regular basis. They can’t be adopted out within the province and face death if not transferred. Sit With Me and Bullies in Need are two rescues that work every day to save Ontario dogs and adopt them outside the province. They are also in a good position, geographically, to help with dogs in Quebec if the time comes.

We do NOT recommend donating to anyone claiming that they are transporting large numbers of dogs from Montreal for re-homing. To our knowledge, the Montreal SPCA has not endorsed or partnered with any organization for mass transfer, and most fundraising initiatives at this stage are based on hypothetical dog transports.

If you are close to Montreal and wish to adopt a dog directly, visit the Montreal SPCA’s Petfinder page (check daily): https://goo.gl/JziGDB.

You can use Petfinder to search among other Montreal shelters and rescues as well. Please note that presence on Petfinder does not guarantee the rescue is reputable. Prepare to ask questions and do your own screening. See a HugABull blog post for more information.

What else can I do?

Organize a fundraiser. Support a local reputable bully rescue, anti-BSL organization, or the Montreal SPCA. We heard of a group fundraising for dog owners in Montreal so they can meet the expenses associated with keeping their dog under the new bylaw: spay/neuter, licensing fees, etc. We think this is a fantastic idea. Why not keep dogs in homes while the legislation is challenged in the courts?

Organize an awareness event. Partner with your local pet store, vet, or other supportive organization.

Organize a peaceful, respectful rally. Check in with local bully rescues and organizations to find resources and tips on how to stage a successful event.

Here are a few of the non-profit organizations that can help steer you in the right direction for support, fundraising, and rescue resources in your area:

HugABull (BC)

Justice for Bullies (AB)

Ontario “Pit Bull” Co-op (ON)

Sit with Me Rescue (ON/QC)

Dog Legislation Council of Canada (Canada-wide)

American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Canada (Canada-wide)

For questions regarding the new regulation, please contact 311 if you live in Montreal. Outside Montreal, call 514-872-0311.

This post will be updated as new information becomes available.


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