Citizen engagement

Politicians create BSL, but we – the voters – create politicians. The very best way to ensure good animal legislation is to ensure that you vote for representatives who support it. Ask candidates where they stand on animal legislation and if they will go on record in support of breed-neutral legislation.

This isn’t just about dogs. When your legislators vote in BSL they are telling you things about themselves that even the most animal-indifferent citizens should pay heed to:

  • They are telling you that they support fear-based policy, not fact-based policy.
  • They are telling you that they don’t research (or don’t care to research) scientific data on the topics before them.
  • They are telling you that they will opt for a dramatic and ineffective solution over a sensible one.
  • They are telling you they support profiling over proven strategies of prevention and education.
  • They are telling you that they do not listen to experts in the field. (No politician is an expert in every area, and having a capable team of advisors is instrumental to successful policy-making).
  • They are telling you that they would rather spend your tax dollars defending their decisions in court, rather than taking the time to make the right decision in the first place.
  • They are telling you they are comfortable with you being judged by the size and shape of your family member rather than anything other information about you.

Have this conversation with those around you. Maybe breed specific legislation isn’t an issue close to their heart. Ask them to think about an issue that is. Do you they want a representative who makes fear-based decisions or one who relies on science and critical thinking? “Their” issue could be the next victim of expensive, pandering, and ineffective policy making.