Professional Consensus

Breed specific legislation is not evidence-based and lacks support by reputable academic and professional groups. In fact, it is very difficult to find an organization that works in animal welfare, veterinary medicine, animal behaviour, law, or public health that will support these kinds of laws. The following groups have position statements in favour of breed-neutral legislation.

Who opposes BSL?

American Bar Association
position statement (pdf)

American Dog Breeders Association
position statement

American Kennel Club
position statement

American Veterinary Medical Association
position statement

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour
position statement (pdf)

Association of Professional Dog Trainers
position statement (pdf)

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
position statement

Centers for Disease Control
study and recommendations

Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers
position statement (pdf)

Humane Societies
Calgary Humane Society position statement (pdf)
Humane Society of the US position statement
Toronto Humane Society position statement (pdf)

International Association of Canine Professionals
position statement (pdf)

The Pet Professional Guild
position statement

ASPCA position statement
BC SPCA position statement
RSPCA Australia position statement

United Kennel Club
position statement (pdf)

Who supports BSL?
Other than pro-BSL lobby groups, the only organization that supports BSL is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). PETA is an extreme animal activist group that opposes all companion animal ownership. Among their claims are that “pit bull” type dogs are more likely to end up in the hands of abusive owners, and are therefore better off not being part of the population at all.