The intent of this website is to provide facts, accurate information and resources regarding breed-specific legislation (BSL), and to put media coverage regarding dog bites and/or attacks into context. However, given the current focus on pit bulls in the media and by BSL supporters, it is expected that there will be a great deal of content on this site that talks specifically about pit bulls.

We want to be clear that we believe that aggressive dogs must be effectively dealt with in order to keep our communities safe and free of fear. We strongly feel that rather than punishing a specific breed and the families who love them, the individuals who teach or cause dogs to be aggressive (for protection or dog fights) or who abuse animals should be punished to the full extent of the law (and in some cases, that the law should be revised to provide stronger punishment).

This website is produced as a public service and is made possible through a grant from LUSH Cosmetics and with the support of HugABull Advocacy and Rescue Society.