If you start talking to people about BSL and the dogs it affects, you’ll hear some interesting things. Some are clear urban legends – locking jaws, expanding brains, and werewolf-like tendencies meant to induce fear. Others are myths perpetuated by well-intentioned people are advocates. While some of them may invite warm and fuzzy feelings, or make an owner feel their dog is extra special, we gain nothing by trafficking in myths and urban legends.

If we are asking people to make decisions based on facts and critical thinking, we need to hold ourselves to the same standard. If you’ve bought into any of these in the past, we are not trying to make you feel silly! We all have at one time or another. But when we know better, we do better.

We have pages dedicated to the following myths:

  • “Pit bull” type dogs were once known as “nanny dogs”
  • Nose colour is a meaningful label when talking about “pit bull” type dogs

We will be working on the following:

  • “Pit bull” type dogs have locking jaws
  • “Pit bull” type dogs are inherently dangerous and need to be treated differently from other dogs
  • “Pit bull” type dogs bite harder or differently than comparable breeds
  • When it comes to dog behaviour, it’s all how you raise them
  • “Pit bull” or “staffie” is a breed
  • The increasingly popular “bait dog” label for rescued dogs

These are some of the ones we encounter most frequently. If you run across a myth you’d like busted, please let us know!